Who’s who

Just to give everyone an idea of who’s who in our big soap-opera family, here’s a quick rundown of everyone you’ll meet.

P.s. You can’t find your picture on this site? Please forward a nice one and we’ll post it, since we simply may not have one!

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Vroni’s sister and our matron of honour with amazing organisational and cooking skills!
She’s the one to contact, if there is anything you can’t discuss with the two of us personally.
Michi & Manon
Adrian’s mate of honour, one serious man and his Vegas girlfriend. Michi’s been Adrian’s best pal for ages and is now Anne’s second in command when it comes to things you can’t talk to the (almost disgustingly) happy couple about.
Vroni’s future mother-in-law and her very favourite person to swap clothes with. Plus, Jill is very definitely fully in command of every kettle, bless a good cuppa!
Adrian’s future mother-in-law and his favourite person to ask for “more mash, please!”. A man has to prioritize!
Adrian’s brother littlefoot, a.k.a. the groom’s best man!
Adrian’s lovely, slightly crazy sis, responsible for the afterparty!
Christoph & Oli
Vroni’s brotherbrother, hero of the kitchen, who’s rather unconventionally acting as her best man and his better half, who never forgets to bring one of his world famous cakes!
Heinz & Inge
Vroni’s dad with his wife.
Moritz & René
Anne’s son and husband.
Clair & Rainer
Our officiating priest and her husband, who have helped us reflect about our lifes together and prepare for our wedding in a very special way. We are lucky to have found these new friends and are looking forward to the beautiful service, that Clair is preparing for us!
Nana & Wacky
Adrian’s maternal granparents.
Gretta, Jason & Astara
Adrian’s cousin, Sue’s daughter, with her husband and one of “the twins” (… or is it…?)
Sue & Cerella
Jill’s sister with – er, well the other one of “the twins” ;-)
Adrian’s lovely Cousin, Sue’s youngest daughter.
Becky, Ava & Lyndon
Adrian’s uncle on his mother’s side with his daughter and granddaughter.
Adrian’s uncle, Paul’s brother, who’s living in Malaysia right now, setting up a new english department at a university there, and we’re hoping to visit him on our honeymoon, jey!
Maria, Katha, Brigitte, Wolfgang & Leni
Vroni’s aunt, Heidi’s sister, with her husband and her three daughters.
Jorge & Mateo
Vroni’s Cousin Leni’s mexican husband and son.
Katha, Guy & Jurian
Vroni’s Cousin, Brigitte’s second daughter, with her belgian husband and their son. Meanwhile, there’s been an addition to the little family – Jurian small sister Amélie.
Vroni’s younger half-sister.
Mišku, Tim, Laura & Leni
Vroni’s cousin on her father’s side with her husband, son and daughter.
Matze & Yvie
One more cousin of Vroni, Laura’s brother and his partner.
Vroni’s lovely cousin from Garmisch, who’s gonna bring her baby son Noah.
Tobi & Milli
Our brainy friend with a heart of gold, who’s gonna cure cancer some day. Or maybe hayfever. Not to forget his lovely girl.
Weigi & Simone
Good friends of the couple, the reliable fire fighter and his wife.
Tanja & Björn
The friend from schooldays, who saved Adrian from death by boredom throughout their english lessons by bribing him with gummi bears, and her partner.
Vroni’s schoolmate from way back when, the typical example for the same people always meeting twice in life.
Adrian’s former collegue, now living and working back home in Cardiff again.
Sofia & Angel
Vroni’s favourite collegue and her spouse.
Vroni’s former collegue and very close friend.
Agnes & Robert
Vroni’s friend of many years from school and her partner.
Aleks, Jobo, Kai, Leo & Julchen
Another whole bunch of friends.
Wacki & Isabel
Wacki alias Sebastian, a schoolmate of the couple and his wife.